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Do you have hardware questions? We’ve got answers.

Maybe you’re looking for a new way to update your kitchen cabinets or bath cabinets. Maybe you’re starting from scratch with a new build. Either way, cabinet hardware from Nob Hill Hardware is a great place to start!

Cabinet hardware comes in a wide variety of styles, from modern and minimal to classic and ornate.

And because it’s one of the first things people see when they enter a room, it can set the tone for the whole space.

Decorative Hardware

It’s important to consider both style and function when choosing cabinet hardware. For instance, if you have young children in your home, you’ll want to choose cabinet pulls that are easy for small hands to grasp.

Likewise, if you’re looking for a more elegant look, you might want to consider cabinet pulls with an intricate design. Of course, if you’re simply looking for something that’s durable and easy to clean, there are plenty of options available in that realm as well.

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Whatever your needs may be, there’s sure to be cabinet hardware out there that’s perfect for you.

You’ll find answers to our frequently asked hardware questions below.

Most of our clients are referrals from designers, builders or architects. However, for those homeowners who are their own contractors or doing a small remodel project we offer the same selection of products and services.

We stock very little since we function primarily in a showroom format. Serving as a showroom allows us to offer our clients many more options in order to customize their hardware needs. Hardware makes an important statement in your home. You are not going to build or remodel often. Install exactly the styles and finishes you want to compliment you décor.

We do not have a general catalog. By going to our web site you can visit the manufacturers Nob Hill represents. Once there, you can view specific products, their designs, finishes and applications. We have samples of most of the items in our showroom.

Unfortunately, you cannot order from our website. We have found clients like to touch and feel what they are buying and actually see the finish. Please feel free to just stop by our showroom and talk to our hardware consultants. If you are building or considering a large remodel project we recommend making an appointment.

In most cases your builder or remodeler will do the hardware installation. If not, we recommend our affiliate, Floyd Total Security to do the installation. Floyd has been in the locksmithing business for over sixty years. We can make the arrangements for you or you can call 952-887-1199 or visit their web site at

Each manufacturer is different. For planning purposes please allow three to six weeks for most orders. Custom orders designed solely to your specifications can take up twelve weeks from the time the drawings are approved. If time is of the essence, our consultants can advise you on the shipping times for each manufacturer.

Everything we order is a special order. Products can be returned to our showroom within 30 days of invoice. However, please be aware there will be a 30% restocking fee. Nob Hill charges the fee because the items then have to be returned to the manufacturer. At that time, Nob Hill is charged a 30% restocking fee. Any items that are ordered specially as custom designed are not returnable.

If you are returning an item that is found to be defective, Nob Hill will work with the manufacturer to replace it as quickly as possible. There is, of course, no restocking fee on any defective items that are retuned within a reasonable amount of time.

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